A New Approach to

Data As A Service:

Maximise the Value of your Data Operations

Sound familiar? Operational leaders in asset management are experiencing pressure from more angles than ever: the marketplace, customers, even from within their own rank and file.

Our research indicates this pressure typically breaks down into two domains:

  • How to maximize the value of data as a strategic asset
  • The limitations of traditional approaches to data management
  • SimCorp’s unique solution to drive agility in data operations

Managing Director, SimCorp Gain

Josef Sommeregger

“When I had the COO of one of my clients on the phone last Thursday, his first comment was: ‘these have been incredibly long days for my team.’”

  1. Pressure on operating models • eg market volatility exposing scalability issues, more demanding customers forcing a high pace of innovation, employees which challenge existing ways of working and (last but not least) the complete shift to working from home triggered by the pandemic
  2. Pressure on profitability • increased competition, increased cost per AUM and a reduced margin buffer

The team at InstitutionalAssetManager have partnered with SimCorp to provide an in-depth look at their holistic approach to data as a service — combining advisory, change management, and operational competencies in order to drive down the ‘cost of complexity’ for their clients.

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Mistakes just became more expensive.

With an expected market contraction of 9% over 2019¹, leaders within global asset management are being asked to do what they’ve always done — create value for their clients and stakeholders — but at a greatly reduced cost point.

It’s not hard to mess this up. 42%² of investment managers confess their operations and technology are not configured to execute on the firm’s overall strategy. 66%² admit that their data management practices are not fit-for-purpose. During a time when operational risk is reaching dangerous levels, investment professionals are being asked to do more with less.

“When I had the COO of one of my clients on the phone last Thursday, his first comment was: ‘these have been incredible long days for my team.’”

Traditionally, the priority for asset managers has been on improving operations — for example through an EDM system, data feeds, or through an outsourcing initiative.

However, this approach can come with a significant ‘complexity cost’: the cost of combining multiple strategies (perhaps with lower individual price points), which can create unnecessary administrative overhead and an overall reduced return on investment.

To drive down this ‘cost of complexity’, Josef and the SimCorp team have developed a “whole system” approach designed to elegantly solve the needs of customers in an increasingly complex and agile marketplace:


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“The agility, flexibility and time to market that the service brings were the key factors in our decision making.’”

Michael Kopf // Chief Operating Officer, Investment Management, Zurich Insurance

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