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Join InstitutionalAssetManager as we analyse the key issues, changes and opportunities for fund managers, asset owners, intermediaries and advisors in the fast-evolving world of green investment.

14 September 2021



Institutional Asset Manager’s inaugural GreenInvestingLIVE global summit is a one-day event that brings together key players from across the asset management industry ecosystem to assess the most compelling trends and themes driving change and growth in green investment.

How will new sustainable finance regulations and policies affect the market for ESG investing? How should managers and investors be preparing for the future? What are the most promising green asset classes?

What strategies can asset owners and allocators use to achieve net zero across the portfolios? How do consultants and other intermediaries assess and judge asset managers’ ESG capabilities? How can managers best differentiate themselves to stand out from the crowd? And how are managers and investors exploiting the fast-changing ESG data and analytics sector to gain an investment edge?

Join us on September 14 to explore the most exciting opportunities for fund managers, investors, intermediaries and service providers in the fast-developing green investing space.


ON THE DAY | 14 September





Driving change in green investment

Madeleine Taylor // Editor, Institutional Asset Manager


1:50 PM

2:00 PM

Registration and networking


1:30 PM

  • How will upcoming regulations and policies around sustainability in the EU and UK affect the market for ESG investing?
  • Should managers and investors be preparing for a future that involves effective carbon pricing, carbon taxes, and payment for ecosystem services?
  • Sovereign green bonds, natural capital, and renewable energy infrastructure have been identified as some of the most promising sustainable asset classes. Where are the opportunities for investors now, and which investment areas have already become crowded/expensive?
  • How can asset managers embed ESG within their existing constraints and style factors? Can value investing be combined with principles for responsible investing? How important is it to identify ESG “improvers”, companies that are making progress with their ESG scores?•What are the complexities for asset managers in adapting to the EU taxonomy and the sustainable finance disclosure regulation?

3:00 PM

2:40 PM



Asset owners: allocating for impact

  • What strategies can asset owners and allocators use to achieve net zero across their portfolios?
  • Is carbon offsetting a viable path to net zero, or should asset owners be taking a more proactive approach to engaging with and/or divesting from carbon-intensive industries?
  • How do investment consultants think about and judge asset managers’ ESG capabilities, from portfolio approaches to gender diversity within investment teams and across-the-board ESG risk management?
  • Which areas of green investing are growing in importance, and how can asset managers differentiate themselves?
  • Is there a disconnect between asset managers and allocators/consultants when it comes to ESG expectations from funds?


Speakers will be announced shortly


3:40 PM

4:00 PM


Presentation slot

Gaining an edge: ESG data & metrics

Presentation slot

  • Is ESG data the new edge for asset managers? How is the lack of high-quality ESG data hampering asset managers’ efforts to invest responsibly?
  • With across-the-board disclosures and consistent reporting standards still lacking, how should asset managers discriminate between companies?
  • How much should asset managers rely on ESG ratings providers for a picture of a company’s sustainability?
  • Are we reaching a tipping point with regulation such as the EU SFDR providing an answer to the problem of reporting, or should asset managers themselves be doing more to motivate investee companies to disclose non-financial data?
  • What solutions can technologies such as natural language processing and blockchain provide in improving the ESG data offering?


Speakers will be announced shortly


Speakers will be announced shortly

5:45 PM

4:40 PM



Dedicated networking time

5:40 PM



13 MAY


4:20 PM

Dedicated networking time


1:30 PM

ESG reporting and setting the right KPIs

  • Implementing ESG policies – do you have one, and what did you need to consider?
  • How do you ensure staff members are well versed and understand the policy?
  • What systems/operational changes have you needed to introduce to improve the ESG credentials of your funds?
  • What approaches are COOs taking to putting the right KPIs in place for different companies spanning different sectors/industries – and how are they are measuring these KPIs to monitor company performance?
  • What Diversity & Inclusion programmes are COOs using and how can they measure their progress relative to their peers, on this issue?
  • To what extent is ESG and the culture of ‘inclusivity’ being championed by the senior management team – and what should today’s COO be focusing on to affect change?

Systems & reporting considerations

Changing LP expectations

  • How are GPs responding to demands for greater transparency and better knowledge transfer as investors increase their focus on ESG investing?

3:10 PM


4:00 PM



Evolving the COO role

Sourcing deals

  • Is there scope for the COO to have a greater role to play in supporting deal teams?
  • What new investment/financial models are CFOs/COOs using to better understand what a deal looks like and the impact it might have on the wider portfolio?
  • How best to integrate alternative data sets to improve the investment process?

Portfolio & risk management

  • Importance of building a consistent framework to support the portfolio management function, post due diligence i.e. putting processes in place to promote knowledge sharing with portfolio companies
  • What new risk analytic tools and systems are being adopted to gain greater insight into portfolio company performance?
  • What changes have you needed to make to your risk/governance framework as a result of the pandemic?

Value Add

  • Is the perception of the COO role changing in the eyes of the investment team, by offering a more centralised view on PortCos?
  • What is the biggest opportunity and challenge you currently face?
  • How do you see the COO role evolving this decade?

2:00 PM


Navigating Covid-related short-term liquidity risks

  • How have CFOs mitigated the short-term liquidity shocks experienced by individual companies over the past 12 months?
  • What different financing solutions have been considered (i.e. CBILS)?
  • What new tools or financial metrics/KPIs have CFOs needed to apply to adjust to this environment?
  • How have CFOs supported the finance teams of their portfolio companies, in terms and provided leadership and guidance?
  • What has the biggest challenge been for CFOs over the last 12 months – what key lessons have been learned (if any)? And what has been the biggest surprise (positive)?

2:50 PM




Kevin Early, European CFO, Ares Management


Saba Ahmad, COO, Turning Rock Partners

5:10 PM

5:35 PM



5:30 PM

James Williams // Editor in Chief, PrivateEquityWire



Dedicated networking time

6:00 PM



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Jason Howard

James Williams

Managing Editor at Private Equity Wire

Partner, Head of North American Private Equity at Cathay Capital

Mark Woods

General partner and Chief Operating Officer at Kreos Capital

Parag Gandesha

Kevin Early

European CFO at Ares Management

Anushree Mohta

Operational Due Diligence at Sigular & Guff

Saba Ahmad

George Ralph

Managing Director at RFA

Thomas B. Pittman

Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer at EWM Global

Managing Partner at Peloton Capital Management

Steve Faraone

Managing Director & CFO at Providence Equity

Marc Puglia

Director at One Ten Associates

Khuram Bajwa

Head of Sales at Apperio

Oliver Cardozo

Director of International Technology at Eze Castle Integration

Jamie Smith

VP of Industry Solutions at Altvia Solutions

Jeff Williams

Founder and CEO at DeepView

Catherine Parry

Drake Paulson

Senior Director at eVestment

SVP Marketing at Sentieo

Paul Ross

Executive Director, Investor Relations - Europe at



Lena Ulrich

Michael Megaw

Managing Director, Regulatory, Analytics and Data at

SS&C Technologies

Director at InCloudCounsel

Katie May

Claire Commons

Ron Biscardi

Erkin Adylov

CEO & Founder at Behavox


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